Challenges of "The Great Resignation"
41 %
Considering Resigning
46 %
Planning to relocate
Pilots needed by 2040
$ 89,303
Avg mechanic salary

Start recruiting for your hard to fill roles today.

Flexible Recruiting and Staffing

Billing Options


Recruiting services billed upon placement
  • Flexible recruiting

  • No committment

  • Billed as percentage of compensation

  • Start ASAP


Recruiting services billed as a fixed price per role
  • Significant savings

  • “Half-and-half” billing

  • Fixed fee per role type regardles of quantity

  • Dedicated resources


On-demand staffing billed month-to-month
  • Maximum flexibility

  • Get talent as needed

  • Lengthen or shorten your project

  • Meet demand quickly


Fixed-term staffing on a project basis
  • Significant savings

  • Staff for project requirements

  • One or more roles

  • Easy to budget

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Aerospace Is In Our DNA

About Us

Our unwavering commitment to great people, outstanding service, and next-generation technology gives our clients the advantage in this challenging labor market.

Our History

We are built on decades of experience, expertise, and deep industry connections. Our founder’s years as a G&A and commercial pilot, technologist, and entrepreneuer infused in our culture a love for aviation and commitment to serve the aerospace industry.

Our Vision

Our mission is to carefully and efficiently find and match people who are excited about a new opportunity with companies that are excited to have them. We believe true success is born out of mutual benefit. Our only goal is to help you reach yours.

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